The Code of the Mouth

1. An album every six years

The most important rule of all. The commitment to keep it is more important than any other aspect in the existence of the Mouth and Foot.
2. One cover - many colours

All Mouth albums have an identical cover, that includes the main Mouth image (on the front), and the secondary mouth image (in the booklet). Each album has its unique colour.
3. Casio is king

The central musical instrument of the Mouth and Foot is the Casio organ. The automatic accompaniment function of these organs is the skeleton around which most of the group's songs are created.
4. The patriotic cover version

The last track in every Mouth album is an improvised version of a known patriotic Israeli song. The cover version is recorded in one take and with no rehearsals.
5. The Open Invitation

In each album an open invitation is sent to friends or artists admired by the Mouth, to take part in one or two tracks.
6. The song with the fatal meaning

The one before last song in each album has a fatal theme - in melody, lyrics, title or all three.
7. The locating title

The long time between albums finds the Mouth and Foot in a different place each time - geography and mentally. It's important for the group to note this in the titles of the albums.
8. The song with the previous album's title

Every album includes a song which has the title of the previous album.
9. The Spirit of recording

The basic idea is to maintain a level of maximal freshness, simplicity and intuitiveness in the recorded tracks.
10. The record label goes bankrupt

Possibly the most mysterious and dark rule in the code. History shows that every record label that releases an album for the Mouth and Foot goes bankrupt before the release of the next Mouth album.
11. Exposure figures double

Sales figures show that Mouth sales double with the release of every album.
12. The short song

Each album includes a short song that contains one verse that is sang, followed by a longer instrumental part. The short song has no chorus or C part.
13. The secret message

Inside the patriotic cover version, a hidden message is sent from the Mouth and Foot to a known person in Israeli public life.
14. The song that directs allegations towards a member of the beautiful gender in second person

In each album there will be a song that is aimed directly at an imagined representative of the other gender, with a list if allegations.
15. The disease outbreak

Every Mouth Year (a year when a Mouth and Foot album is released), there is an outbreak of the Mouth and Foot disease somewhere in the world.